WIKI Pages Instructions1. Send A Request To Join The Page - Put Your Name In The Message Box To Be Approved. Use The Join Page Link On The Left 2. Refresh This Page. Once You Are Approved And You Refresh You Will Be Given The Option Of New Page 2. Use The New Page Link To Create Your Page. Name The Page With The Number In Front Plus Your Topic. The Number Is Your Block 3. Create A Title For Your Page. Highlight Your Title And Change To Heading 1. Use The Text Editor (T Button) To Edit Your Text. Center It And Change Color 4. Save Your Page. Once You Save, Refresh To The Main Page By Clicking Universe2010 At The Top Left Corner 5. Make Sure Your Newly Created Page Appears In The List Of Pages. Reclick The Page And Make Sure It Directs You Properly. 6. Add To And Edit Your Page. DO NOT Edit My Page Or Any Other Page Besides YOUR PAGE!


Your page must meet the following criteria:
Meeting ALL Minimums = 80%. Meeting ALL Maximums = 100%
Each Number Is Worth 10 Points (5 For Attempt, 8 For Minimums, 10 For Maximums)
The Page Will Be 70% Of Your Project Grade. 10% Will Be Presentation, 20% Template Work

1. Title w/ Color, Centered, Heading1

2. 3 Pictures w/ Appropriate Captions (5 Maximum)

3. 1 Chart or Diagram w/ Caption (3 Maximum)

4. General Description 3-5 Sentences (Main Topic)

5. Link Your Topic To Other Topics (Ex. Link Moon To Earth) (3 Maximum)

6. 5 Sentences of Scientific Information (10 Sentences Max)

7. 5 Bulleted Quickfacts (10 Maximum)

8. 1 Item of Flair - Video, Colored Text Subtitles, Music, etc (2 Maximum)

9. Appropriate Subtitles For Each Section Of Page

10. MLA Information At Bottom Of Page